South Florida- The Next Big Gambling Destination

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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Casino

When it comes to gambling, people think of destinations like Las Vegas, Singapore, Macau etc. But there are other places which have a thriving gambling culture but lacks recognition. One such place happens to be South Florida.

Florida is a cultural hotspot of people, exotic nightlife, active party culture, vibrant people, sunny beaches etc. When people think of Florida, they think of these things. So what is the general notion of gambling in Florida? It is home to the world’s sixth-largest casino called the Rock Casino in Tampa.

A new casino called the Seminole Hard Rock and Hotel is the world’s first guitar-shaped casino hotel that is going to be opened soon in Florida. It is planning to legalize sports betting that could change the outlook of Florida6. With all such factors, people in Florida are going to be the next gambling location.

The rise in Florida’s gambling culture

Gambling communities are becoming popular in Florida. According to a study, 1 out of 3 adults is engaged in gambling. The gambling industry receives 2.4 billion per out of which 93% comes from Florida itself. It is mostly seen as a recreational activity here and people will pursue it even further once the industry starts expanding. Unlike other states, Florida boasts of a developed gambling market.

Boasting of a vibrant tourist scene and a fairly large population, Florida has become one of the favorable gambling hubs in America. It acts as a revenue generator and is responsible for creating job opportunities in the state. In places like Tampa and Miami, it has created jobs for more than 200,000 people.

With the ease in legislation, the market is bound to open up and will be a boon to the tourism industry as a study by the University of Florida concluded that a tourist will spend on an average of $400 on gambling. This will have a significant economic impact in Florida. 

The boom of offshore casinos

There is not much legal restriction in operating offshore casinos. Many people who migrate from different parts of the world like Europe and Australia feel that they are losing out on big gambling opportunities.

Even though online gambling is deemed illegal in Florida, people can access offshore gambling sites that guarantee safe and secure transaction activities. They can avail of the same opportunities that are available in their home countries. Florida also sees a huge spike in migration of people from the Caribbean regions where gambling is deemed as a legal activity.

People use the same offshore accounts that they used in the Caribbean as they are available and accessible in Florida and support a multilingual system. The offshore gambling sites perform similarly to an online casino site. They are equipped with attractive incentives and welcome bonuses. Players can play all types of casino games. Even though it may not be as entertaining as the online casino sites, users are focused more on betting and gaming. For the tourism boom, many local operators are waiting for the legalization of online casinos and sports betting sites.

The Future

The future of the gambling industry is bright. There is a growing acceptance from the native and the migrant population towards opening up of the gambling industries in the market. The online casino and sports betting market is an untapped potential in Florida. But with the legalization and ease of restrictions, the gambling industry will become a booming and a successful enterprise. 

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