Florida’s latest voter suppression ploy plays right into Trump’s plan to delegitimize a loss

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More than 2 million people have already voted, which could conceivably include some who did so not knowing they hadn’t fully paid their poll tax—information on how much any person owed has been hard to pin down in many cases. Given its commitment to throwing doubt on the results of a potential Trump loss, there’s reason to believe the Trump campaign would use the confusion created by the constantly changing policies of Republican voter suppression to delegitimize Florida’s results—all too plausibly with the help of state officials.

One local official said that getting this direction to remove people from the voter rolls this close to the election, with voting already underway, was “problematic, especially during one of the most scrutinized elections ever.”

He’s waiting to find out how many voters the state Division of Elections will tell him to purge. “Are we going to get these next week? Am I getting a hundred or a thousand?” he said. “It’s a little disappointing, as you might imagine.”

That, by the way, is Brian Corley, a Republican from Pasco County.

Plain and simple: this is voter suppression,” a Biden campaign spokesperson told Politico. “For the past two years, we’ve seen Florida Republicans do everything in their power to defy the will of the overwhelming majority of Florida voters who cast their ballot in favor of Amendment 4. And here they go again.” This time it’s in service not just of preventing people from voting but of Donald Trump’s desire to cast doubt on election results if he loses.

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