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DENISON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2020 / — In Our New Revised Version of the Book “Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God,” the Author Mike Ledbetter – Inspired by our Trinity God to write this Book – Reveals the Reason for God The Father’s “Hand of God” in our Cosmos that NASA photographed. In addition, God The Father, and His Son Jesus our Savior and Friend speak directly to us during these times of Trouble in both America and the World. In doing so, Our Trinity God reveals what we need to do to save our Families, our People and our Nation


I Love You Always My Sons and Daughters in My World as I Love My Son Jesus. And He is aware that I Love each of you in the same way that I Love Him (St. John 17: 23). And He Likewise Loves each of you as much as I do (St. John 14-16). For when you, My Family was hurt and separated in our Spiritual War, we knew you still Loved us as We Loved you. In that Light, I knew My Trinity’s Love would find the Way to save and get our Family Home again. For Both I and Jesus do not want to live without any of you for you are Our Family, and now you know that I am your Heavenly Father, in every sense of the word, and each of us in our Family would do anything for the other members – to make sure they are safe and know they belong with Us Eternally. For My Trinity with all its Family in Heaven and Earth are your Home and each of you My Sons and Daughters on Earth are Ours. And I, your Heavenly Father and My Son Jesus are Always on your side but My Power has been interfered with in a way by the Supreme Court’s many harmful acts to My “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” and My “Inalienable Rights.” And for that reason, I need your help in order for us to outmaneuver the adversary and save and heal our Families and America before it is too late. And I know My Sons and Daughters in America that you have been fighting with all you had against the Supreme Court who left our People and Nation many years ago. That said, We will win this Spiritual War My Sons and Daughters and Together make it Home. For I remember when I had to leave Our America in 1804 due to My War in the Heavens. And My Beloved Sons and Daughters when I say Spiritual War in Heaven and Earth – I am referring to our adversary’s attacks within My Spiritual Realm and on Earth – not My Kingdom of Heaven directly. For in Genesis 1:1, if you remember, I, your Heavenly Father, said, “In the Beginning God Created the “Heavens and the Earth.” And each of you My Sons and Daughters know I was referring to My entire Spiritual Realm in addition to My Place I, your Heavenly Father, call My and Our Family’s “Kingdom of Heaven.” And that being said, it is the “Spiritual War” in certain parts of the “Spiritual Realm” that I am referring to when you hear Me say “Spiritual War in Heaven.”

And Returning, when I, your Heavenly Father and My Son Jesus had to leave Mount Rushmore with 100 of My Mighty Angels in 1804, all of you were in a situation still in the Spiritual War, but if I had not left to fight another battle effecting part of My Heaven and My America, you would have been in even more danger. For I had stayed a year with you at Mount Rushmore – with My Son Jesus and One Hundred of My Mighty Angels fully materialized in their Golden Armor – and you knew I had to leave and would not be able to return until I had won our War in a certain part of the Heavens. And My Mighty Angels ascended and descended during that Time at Mount Rushmore – for they All wanted to be with you – our New Family on Earth for a while. Even so, We had to keep the number at One Hundred as some ascended to those parts of Heaven where our War there was happening and others appeared from the War from Heaven desiring to meet you, our New Family. And all of you told me you would tell your Children about Me, My Son Jesus, and My Mighty Angels, and that I would return one day. And let me say I am Here Now in this New Way that you have heard our Author Mike Speak about, and I, your Heavenly Father, will be here until the Spiritual War is over and Eternally from then worlds without end. And I know that all of you have been doing everything that you could to keep our America safe from the adversary till now. And I, your Heavenly Father, Am aware of that and your numerous attempts to term-limit the Supreme Court. In that Light, when I had to leave many years ago with Jesus and My Mighty Angels to save our Family everywhere. I know it worried some of you – and if you remember – I wrote a song for you. And by this song, you know it’s Me, your Heavenly Father, “Just Remember I Love You and It Will Be Alright.” And I, your Heavenly Father, do Love you Always My Sons and Daughters in America and My World, and I have made it back as I Promised you at Mount Rushmore that I would. And I and My Son Jesus, with Our Author Mike – who We Authorized and Inspired to write this Book for Us – will be sharing those things in this book that will enable us to Win the Spiritual War sooner for My Families in Earth and Heaven and make it Home in Our Time… (cont.)

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