Author Creates Unbelievable Crowdfunding Campaign

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Business consultant writes new business book during COVID lockdown

Right now, a lot of businesses are unable to run their business as they did in the past.”

— Terri Levine

NORTH WALES, PA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / — Brand new business book, Conversion Equation, set to provide groundbreaking
 business advice during pandemic times and much-needed funds for a children’s charity.

Conversion Equation is a brand business book set to deliver groundbreaking business advice to small business owners struggling to make money during COVID and the otherwise bleak 2020. The book is the brainchild of Dr. Terri Levine, a business consultant, and best selling author who created and wrote the new book after being locked-down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With its rapidly growing fan-base, Conversion Equation is hoping to shatter the awful business advice given to business owners and the forced smiles that accompany almost every business owner pretending they are not frustrated, struggling, and concerned about their revenues and profits. A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway on the platform Publishizer and Levine has also set an ambitious goal of donating all the money raised from the book to the Terri Levine Foundation for Children with RSD.

“Most business advice given today isn’t proven to work and these have been proven to work in over 444 industries and with over 6,000 clients”, Levine said. “It is easy to write a book for-profit and to forget there are sick children who have no quality of life. For those kids and their families, life is very different. They need financial support for treatment not covered by insurance. The Terri Levine Foundation for Children With RSD believes that “while these children have RSD we won’t let RSD have them”…and so do I.”

Central to Conversion Equation are proven strategies and tactics backed up with case studies; for example, chiropractors, doctors, accountants, consultants, massage therapists, and more. Every example teaches how to directly apply the information to your business and then shares exactly how another business or several others have implemented the strategy.

“Every business owner knows they have to get a regular conveyor belt of qualified prospects,” says Levine, “But here’s the thing, they aren’t having this happen. The real problem is that there’s no one supporting them with proven tactics that they can actually implement. Either they are listening to “fake experts” or not getting any help. This is the time for businesses to learn this proven formula and to find out what has been missing from their marketing”.

The appeal of Conversion Equation lies in simplicity. “Every tool, technique and strategy is easily understood and remembered almost instantly, three elements missing from most business books. Another unexpected benefit of the book lies in its potential to educate. “The eagerness of a business owner to make it through these pandemic times helps to rapidly grow their profits”, says Levine. This is something she stumbled on when helping over 60 businesses during the pandemic. “Within a week of learning the Conversion Equation they were texting me about the strategies they put in place words – and they were using them correctly!” said Levine.

The crowdfunding campaign is set to run until August 28th, and is currently over 30% funded, with almost 100 books already pledged by would-be backers who are getting incredible consulting bonuses from Levine. The challenge now is to build on the initial momentum and secure the support of businesses and corporations.

Levine is well aware of the enormous challenge in seeking funds to help business owners in the current economic climate but remains optimistic. “Right now, a lot of businesses are unable to run their business as they did in the past. I am helping them do that while also helping kids with RSD who are in pain and can’t afford treatment and that’s a reality they live with every day. And while there is a lot that we can’t do right now, we should all aim to do what we can. That’s how Conversion Equation got started.”

The Conversion Equation crowdfunding campaign is being hosted on Publishizer, a crowdfunding platform. Funds will be donated to the foundation. Reward levels start at $20 to support the Terri Levine Foundation for Children with RSD. For more information about Conversion Equation, visit or contact Terri Levine directly at 215-527-0634or

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