Ubudu and Kineviz Partner to Offer Contact Tracing for the Workplace Powered by Ubudu SDA Tags leveraging UWB Bluetooth

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Contact Tracing Empowered by Kineviz GraphXR and Ubudu Social Distance Assistant

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kineviz is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ubudu. Integrating high-accuracy, Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Bluetooth-based distance measurements between staff with GraphXR Contact Tracing will empower organizations to drive COVID-19 safety in the workplace. Once a time-consuming process requiring specialized training, automated contact tracing via the Ubudu-Kineviz joint solution provides real-time updates and performs complex analysis within minutes rather than days.

GraphXR-based solutions accelerate analysis and reveal elusive insights in fields including business intelligence, forensics, and medical research. The complexities of contact tracing involve multiple relationships between individuals, across locations, and over time. A network graph is the most effective way to visualize these connections, and GraphXR Contact Tracing performs single-click analysis of available data so that organizations can quickly take measures to prevent or interrupt virus transmission.

Ubudu offers end-to-end solutions for real-time location tracking systems (RTLS) and analytics. Their recently launched Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant (SDA) is a UWB wearable device worn on an armband, wristband, helmet, or lanyard. It transmits highly accurate positional data in realtime, monitoring distance between individuals with 0.1m accuracy and vibrating or sounding an alert when social distancing is broken. The SDA provides unobtrusive and reliable guidance to enable safe navigation of shared workspaces.

With recent surges of COVID-19 in the US, it has become particularly evident that the need for technology-assisted contact tracing is urgent. Contact Tracing is a key factor in the success of countries like South Korea and Taiwan in halting the spread of COVID-19 within their borders. Bringing together GraphXR and Ubudu’s SDA makes contact tracing viable at an organizational scale so that companies can drive workplace safety.

How it works:

Onsite personnel will receive Ubudu SDA tags to be worn on lanyards, wristbands, helmets or armbands. These SDA tags provide real-time notifications with a blinking red light and/or vibration whenever team members come in close contact. Each contact is captured and securely recorded in accordance with GDPR privacy requirements. Along with location and time, daily symptom reports are collected via anonymous surveys. All of this data is fed into GraphXR for automated analysis. Contact trees can be filtered by time and location, visualized relative to individuals or groups, and viewed in the context of publicly available health data from sources like Johns Hopkins. Within a few clicks, risks can be assessed and data-driven decisions can be made to notify individuals, localize quarantines, and optimize schedules to maximize safety.


The last few months in the United States have revealed the shortcomings of our pandemic response infrastructure, resulting in an ongoing, existential threat to life and livelihood. As the rate of infection surges, companies are taking proactive measures to protect their teams. By combining GraphXR Contact Tracing and the Social Distancing Assistant, Kineviz and Ubudu empower these organizations to reopen the workplace safely and sustainably.

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