Miami Beach Mayor preparing shakeup to city after raucous late-night atmosphere causes headaches

Florida News

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – There could be another big change coming in Miami Beach, and it has to do with last call.

It’s what the mayor says should be created, but what might that look like?

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said, “It’s time to take more drastic action.”

Gelber is not a plastic surgeon, but he wants to give South Beach a facelift.

Gelber said, “We will no longer have an entertainment district.”

“Art Deco Cultural District” or something with a similar name, would replace the party-focused, booze-centric area by way of zoning and other changes.

Countless, caught on camera, out of control, socially non-distant recent scenes have to stop, the mayor said. In many cases, all-night partying has to stop as well.

“We will establish a midnight last call everywhere,” Gelber said.

He released his new vision for the beach via YouTube Wednesday, and if Gelber gets it his way, there could be an entirely new Miami Beach.

Gelber said, “We want Ocean Drive and this new Art Deco District to be for everyone.”

He also spoke via FaceTime with 7News shortly after his announcement. It will get taken up in upcoming city commission meetings.

As for those business people who’ve poured their lives and pocket books into late night party venues, which some say currently define South Beach, Gelber said, “You’re gonna be able to make a living if you follow these rules. If you don’t, then maybe you don’t wanna be here.”

Sheldon Fox: “Yeah, but shutting down bars at midnight, stopping upping alcohol sales at midnight is a complete departure from what people know South Beach to be.

Gelber: “But we’re providing a conditional use permit for places that appropriately can stay later.”

Sheldon Fox: “Are you worried about tarnishing the brand. In other words, is this Vegas getting rid of slot machines and poker tables or Disney getting rid of Space Mountain?”

Gelber: “Listen, our city was a beautiful brand before this district became a little too raucous. We’ve always had a great brand.”

He says this will get taken up at a commission meeting next week.

The Ocean Drive Improvement Association did not respond to a request for comment.

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