Seniors and adults over 50 now offered free exercise and training program by popular certified trainer

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Body Potential Fitness

Body Potential Fitness

Body Potential Fitness - Over 50's

Body Potential Fitness – Over 50’s

The free workout program aims to keep adults over 50 fit and active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are hundreds of workout routines available online. I try to ensure that my members are only attempting exercises that are ideal for them based on posture analysis and anatomic screening”

— Lisa Short, Founder of Body Potential Fitness

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 16, 2020 / — Certified Precision Nutrition trainer, and founder of Body Potential Fitness, Lisa Short announces that she has developed the Purposeful Exercise program and an online community group tailor made for adults over 50. The announcement comes after national lockdowns and the global pandemic has urged many personal training centers and gyms to remain closed until the spread of the novel coronavirus has been curbed.

The development of her new program will offer adults over 50 years and senior citizens the chance to remain active and healthy during the global pandemic. Earlier in the year, as the pandemic started to evolve, health officials and government entities determined that older adults are more prone to the infectious disease. “As we see a rise in numbers, gyms still being shut, and people being more aware of the current situation, I’ve decided to develop an exercise program that can help them keep their immunity and health strong,” Lisa said.
The free ‘Purposeful Exercise Program’ will offer members access to a program designed for simplicity, while she also offers more comprehensive, one on one personal training, which she calls Targeted Transformation, giving members the option of a more premium, personalized experience. Silver Sneakers, Noom, and HASFIT are are some other popular online exercise platforms, but as Short shares, “the Total Transformation program is actually classified as a Medical Exercise program tailor made from the ground up for each client; from how we interact with them, to the exercise routines selected as well as their nutrition and meal plans. The unprecedented nature of this virus means we have to have the most comprehensive approach to prevention.”

Exclusively designed for adults over 50 years and senior citizens, the online exercise programs will act as a step-by-step guide for those who sign up, helping them rebalance and adjust their emotional and physical well-being. In addition to the free program, lisa’s advanced programs also help with pain management and superior nutritional support. Many experts have shared the great benefits of a regular exercise routine and how it can help boost immunity, metabolism, increase energy, and help balance hormone levels.

A large portion of her work is also to help educate people on finding the right types of exercise routines for their type of body. University research and health experts have shown that although our physical bodies may work the same to some extent, each person’s body is different and will react differently to exercise. They’ve also shown these benefits hold true, even for those into their 70s and 80s. This has health and wellness experts such as Short rethinking daily exercise routines for adults over 50, and adjusting their diet, nutritional and exercise plans as needed. Just trying to watch videos online and diving right in with exercise, especially Medical Exercise like Short offers, isn’t ideal.

Currently, Lisa offers online courses and training sessions for one-on-one training, couples training, or group training, but her work has always been focused on the member or client at hand, ensuring their experience will be designed to suit their needs and overall improve their physical health. Even more, the popularity around her work has seen significant traction over the last few months, as members who are still in lockdown or quarantine can now get access to their own certified medical exercise personal trainer from just about anywhere, even without access to a facility. The goal is to ensure her workout routines can easily be accessed from any device, from basically anywhere in the world.

“Yes, there are hundreds of other programs and workout routines available online, but what I try to do is connect with my members on a personal level. I ensure they’re only attempting exercises that are ideal for them based on posture analysis and anatomic screening. I get to know who they are, what they eat, how they exercise and what type of workouts their bodies allow them to do,” she continues to say, “I have always built my expertise on a personalized experience, to the capacity my knowledge and expertise allow me to.”

Short is no newcomer to the world of fitness, with 10 years of certified experience, an extensive list of clients around the world, and a college degree in Physical Education her knowledge is stretched beyond regular workout routines. Her group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, meal planning, and fitness routines have been custom designed to help elderly members become rejuvenated.
As COVID-19 infections continue to rise and with some states loosening lockdown measures, exercise programs and initiatives like those offered by Short will encourage quarantined adults over 50 to refresh their active routine while at home.

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