March 22 Corona Virus Update: State of Florida Reports 11 Cases Now In Polk County & 830 Cases Statewide

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Polk County, Florida – The Florida Department of Health has advised that 11 cases are currently in Polk County. The youngest case is 8 years old. This reportedly is the 2nd youngest diagnosed case in the country.

The state has also confirmed that they have a total of 830 cases. Thirteen people have died so far in the state of Florida from COVID 19. Here is the data from the Florida Department of Health.

Negative: 146
Positive: 11
Pending: 21

Total PUIs: 178
Residents: 177
Residents Not in Florida: 0
Non-Residents: 1

Demographics of PUIs
Age Range: 0 to 93
Average Age: 51
Men: 72
Women: 106

Conditions and Care:
Deaths: 0
Hospitalizations: 4

Total Cases: 11

Residents: 11

Residents Not in Florida: 0

Non-Residents: 0
Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 8 to 88

Average Age: 54

Men: 6

Women: 5
Conditions and Care

Deaths: 0

Hospitaliztions: 4
Case Designations

Travel-Related: 4

Not Travel-Related: 3

Travel Unknown: 4

Confirmed Cases in Florida Residents 768
Confirmed by DOH 349
Tested by private labs 419
Characteristics of Florida Resident Cases  
FL resident diagnosed & isolated out of state* 6
Deaths 13
Cases in Non-Florida Residents 62
Confirmed by DOH 29
Tested by private labs 33
Total Cases Overview 830
Traveled 218
Contact with confirmed case 149
Travel & contact with confirmed case 111
Under Investigation 352

March 22 COVID 19 Polk County

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