Human Bodies Are Transformed Into Pieces Of Artwork At Key West’s Fantasy Fest

Florida News

Hundreds of people each year parade the streets of Fantasy Fest in Key West after having their naked bodies transformed into artwork through detailed body paint design. Florida native Ron Wolek, or “Capt. Ron Wolek,” is a professional body painter and make-up artist and has been traveling from Hollywood, California, where he works with celebrities, to Key West for the past four years. The craft of make-up has been in Wolek’s famiy for three generations. His mother was Disney’s former hair and makeup department head, and following in his mother’s footsteps, Wolek started his career there. On the island, Wolek is known for his signature look: light brown long beard, hair and captain’s hat. This year the Fantasy Fest celebrates its 40th anniversary. Wolek joined Sundial to talk about the magic behind body painting, growing up in a make-up household and his creations for Fantasy Fest. This has been edited lightly for clarity. WOLEK : It’s a funny approach because you have to have a plan

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