Bahamian newlyweds get stranded in Miami during Hurricane Dorian

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MIAMI – Valentino and Marissa Daxon, who are newlyweds from the Bahamas, are stranded in Miami this week with no cash and worried about loved ones back home who they have not heard from following Hurricane Dorian.

The couple was married Aug. 24 in Grand Bahama. They then went on a Norwegian Breakaway cruise, which took them to New Orleans since they couldn’t dock in Port Miami.

The cruise line then charted a jet and flew passengers to Miami.

The Daxons told Local 10 News they are stranded here with no credit cards and no more cash. They said they used the last of their money to pay for a hotel Tuesday night.

They live in the northern part of Abaco and both work at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club. 

“We are at a mix of confusion and worry,” Marissa Daxon said. “We are hoping to hear from someone, hear something from our families.”

Marissa Daxon said her honeymoon has been a nightmare and she just wants to make sure their families are OK.

“We don’t know what our next step is from here,” she said. 

According to Marissa Daxon, the couple knows through Whatsapp that three of their relatives are homeless.

“My mother’s house is destroyed. My aunt’s house has been completely destroyed. My uncle, who is in Grand Bahama — his house has been washed away,” she said. “We don’t know if we have a home to go to.”

The Daxon’s said their cruise was supposed to last for seven days, but got extended to 10 days. 

“We are not enjoying anything,” Marissa Daxon said. “The only comfort we have at this moment is each other. No word from our family.”

The couple said they aren’t sure when they will be able to return to the island. 

“If someone asked you to describe your honeymoon, what would you say?” Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier asked Marissa Daxon.

“Four days of bliss, six days of hell,” she said. “We spent the last six days glued to a TV in our stateroom, just in shock. Every day the news gets worse.”

Marissa Daxon said she hasn’t spoken to her mother in five days and doesn’t know where her father, brother, grandmother and sister are.

“With everything that is going on at home right now, I’d rather sleep in a dumpster in my mom’s front yard than where I am right now so I can see her,” Marissa Daxon said. “I’d rather be there any day, all day. I can’t even swim, but I’d try, to know my mom is OK.”

Valentino Daxon said he has spoken with his mother and tries to reassure his bride that they are going to be OK.

“We gonna make it like we always do,” he said. 

Since we published the story on, a Hallandale Beach resident has offered the couple a room in her condo. The Daxons, however, are on their way to northern Palm Beach County after Valentino Daxon was able to get in touch with a relative who offered to take them in. 

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