A sour note leads to murder

Florida News

Tuesday 8pm DEATH IN PARADISE – British crime drama – The series focuses on a detective inspector (DI) and his police team solving impossible murder mysteries on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. Murder Onboard – When a singer on a Caribbean cruise boat (and also Camille’s best friend) first collapses and then dies in her friend’s arms, DI Poole fears she has been poisoned.

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Camille’s friend, singer Aimee, collapses and dies on a boat owned by local entrepreneur Stephen Morrison and his wife Eloise, also a vocalist. Aimee was poisoned and her flat has been ransacked. She was due to leave for a recording contract in Miami and had wrote to Stephen about it while Eloise, jealous that Aimee was a better singer, tried to sabotage but not kill her. Poole defies Patterson whose priority is the arrest of a local illegal drinks ring to comfort Camille and catch the murderer. Dwayne and Fidel use spaced out waiter R.J. to help locate the booze supplier to no avail but Poole discovers a link between the drink smugglers and the murderer.

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