Peterborough homeless centre Carol’s Place is now closed


Carol’s Place, a 24-hour drop-in centre for Peterborough’s homeless population formerly located inside Peterborough Square, is now closed.

Two weeks before Christmas, the mall’s management notified the shelter that it would have to vacate its former location within the mall.

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“We learned in October that we weren’t going to be allowed to stay in the office that we were in but we were promised a smaller office in the mall, and that offer now, 10 days before Christmas, was taken off the table,” said Carol’s Place executive director Dan Hennessey.

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Hennessey says that any bad behaviour that took place at the mall was blamed on Carol’s Place.

“People are hobophobic, which is fear of homelessness and they didn’t like seeing it every day, and there was a bit of bad behaviour but it was dealt with in a timely manner,” he said.

Hennessey adds that he understands Peterborough Square is a private business and can operate as it wishes but says he was upset to hear the news just before the holidays.

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“The city stepped up and gave us storage for 41 large bags of donations that I have stored, winter clothing and boots. It’s just once in and once out. It’s just stored; I can’t access it. The mall has graciously provided some storage for the furniture,” said Hennessey.

He says the search for a new home for Carol’s Place’s 30 or so clients is in full force.

“We’re looking for a place in the downtown core and we’re in desperate need with this cold weather,” said Hennessy.

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Global News reached out to the management of Peterborough Square for comment but has yet to hear back.

As far as the empty space in Peterborough Square, it is currently under renovation. It is not yet known what will happen to the old location.

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