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And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I’m Tom llamas. We begin with that major storm rolling in off the pacific, pummeling the west. Now moving east across the country. Snow shutting down I-80 in the high Sierra. Fierce winds sparking this power line in Seattle. Hundreds of thousands without power at its peak. And rain triggering mudslides in the burn-scarred areas of southern California. Part of the pacific coast highway closed until tomorrow. The wind and rain grounding flights and delaying others. When the storm moves on, there’s another one right behind it. Marci Gonzalez starts us off in malibu. Reporter: Tonight, that powerful storm still creating havoc from California to Washington. This video taken near Seattle capturing this power line being blown by the strong winds, sparking and catching fire. In northern California, heavy snow and whiteout conditions closing down I-80 for hours. Backing up traffic for miles. Drivers like this one, forced to pull over and chain up. In San Francisco, high tides and gusts up to 70 miles per hour, sending waves crashing over the sea wall into San Francisco bay. Flooding this popular pier. In southern California, multiple funnel clouds reported. This one spotted spinning off the coast of Long Beach. Torrential rain triggering this mudslide on the pacific coast highway near malibu, shutting it down in both directions. Car after car stuck. Crews using bulldozers to clear the debris. Tonight, more than 166,000 customers still without power. Down from 246,000 at the height of the storm. With millions now bracing for round two slated to hit this week. Marci, the devastation from the earlier wildfires helping making the destruction from these storms even worse? Reporter: Exactly. The trees behind me, left charred by one of the fires. The lack of vegetation makes it easy for mud to flow through. The pch here still closed in both directions as crews rush to clean it up. Ahead of the next storm. Tom? Sf Marci, thank you. And rob Marciano joins us now. You’re tracking that storm, but as Marci said, there are other storms right behind it? Yes, the storm that hit the west coast this morning, hitting the east coast later this week. And two more storms behind it already. One coming to San Francisco, strong winds and heavy snow falling along I-80. The next one coming late Tuesday. With more in the way of wind. This will be widespread across the entire west coast. And some cold air across the northeast. For some, this is the coldest air since Thanksgiving. Windchills in the teens and single digits. And the storm will be getting into this area Tuesday. For some, it will bring some snow. Rob, thank you. We move on to major

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