WATCH: Angry protestors take to the streets in Paris again


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Heading overseas now, to the tense streets of Paris, landmarks on lockdown. Angry protesters torching vehicles and ripping down barricades. In a fourth weekend of violent clashes. Riot police firing water cannons and tear gas into the crowd. ABC’s correspondent James Longman is right in the middle of the chaos. Reporter: A continuing crisis for France tonight. Cars on fire, clashes with police near some of Paris’ most famous landmarks, and for the first time, armored trucks with water Canons deployed in the French capital. This, the fourth straight Saturday of nationwide protests. An estimated 30,000 out on French streets tonight, nearly 1,400 arrests and more than 130 including police injured. There’s been this endless back and forth between police, and now there’s tear gas in the air and it is very, very strong. Some protesters throwing tear gas canisters back at police. Celebrated tourists destinations, like the eiffel tower, today closed. It all started last month in response to a new fuel tax. But that issue became a rallying cry for what’s now dubbed “The yellow vest movement.” Thousands united in anger at a rising cost of living, and deep mistrust in the system. And there’s particular personal dislike for president macron. But early arrests by police averting a repeat of last week’s chaos, when some yellow vests stormed the iconic arc de triomphe. But the hardliners remain, and their response to broken politics seems to be breaking everything else. James Longman joins us from the heart of Paris. Another round of cleanup set to begin. Is Paris preparing for more protests? Reporter: Well, there’s been a call for more protests next week, Tom. If you take a look at this — the damage that we can expect if that happens, broken windows, boarded up shops, all this began because of a hike in the fuel tax. But basically what’s happened, that’s been repealed but that is not just what protesters want. They want far more than that. They want it to go further. Tom. James, thank you. Next to the panic at a

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