5 suspects shot dead in Kuala Lumpur goldsmith robbery


KUALA LUMPUR: Five men were shot dead on Tuesday (Nov 20) after they tried to rob a goldsmith shop in Kuala Lumpur.

According to Selangor’s CID chief Fadzil Ahmat, six men had rushed into a hypermarket in Kuchai Lama at around 4.30pm. The men headed straight for the goldsmith shop while brandishing pistols and machetes.

The police shot dead four of the men at the scene, while a fifth suspect was shot about 1km away after he fled in a car. 

The sixth suspect was arrested.

Two pistols, several machetes and a large quantity of jewellery were recovered, said Fadzil, adding that a policeman was injured in the shootout.

A 26-year-old witness, who wanted to be identified only as Diah, said he saw several men wearing crash helmets dashing into the goldsmith shop.

“Then I heard gunshots and ran away for my own safety,” he said.

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