WATCH: The ‘GMA Day’ audience plays a hilarious game of ‘cell phone scavenger hunt’


Transcript for The ‘GMA Day’ audience plays a hilarious game of ‘cell phone scavenger hunt’

we’re calling cell phone scavenger hunt. We’re challenging our audience members to dive deep into their phones to find super random photos for us. They’ve got to be fast. The first person to find the photo wins the prize from our very classy “Gma day” lost and found box. Who knows what you’re gonna get? You ready? Here’s the first thing we’re looking for. Who has a photo of themselves eating? Who can pull it up first? We got a winner! All right. What we got? This is — we’re at the American girl store yesterday for my daughter’s birthday with my grand daughter. That’s eating. She gets it. There you go. An umbrella. She got an umbrella. I didn’t know what was in this box. I see we went all out to put some great stuff in it. Super classy. Next person who has a picture of themselves in a Halloween costume. You faked us out. Halloween costume. There we go. What you got? Yes! Now what are you? Unicorn. I could tell from the picture. You are the winner. Reach into the box. You’ve got one left glove. I stole your phone too. Here you go. I’m sorry. I was trying to scroll through the pictures. You caught me. That’s a dangerous game. We’ve got time for one more. Yes. We’ve got time for one more. Who has a picture of themselves in a — at a foreign landmark? Anybody have a picture of themselves at a foreign landmark? We’ve got one. Pink lady in the back. You don’t have it. You’re still scrolling. We got one. This is in Cambodia. That works. That’s my note card. Sorry. Yay, a right shoe. I mean, I’ll be honest with you, you know, how when people post those pictures from vacation and they get jealous? I’m a little jealous of you. We have time for one more. Really great. Who has a photo of themselves with a celebrity? Michael doesn’t count. You have it pulled up? Okay. That’s robin Roberts. She’s a celebrity. Let her get in the box. Give her a chance. We have some good stuff in here. Reach up close your eyes. You’re going to come up with something. That’s my note card. There’s something else under there. Don’t put that on, sweetie. We don’t know where we got it. Don’t wear that. Is that it? That’s it. Oh, man. I tell you what, we had a random key to a car. You win the car if you can find it. We actually had a camera in there too. Next time. That is all we have time for today in our edition of cell

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