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We have got an alert for you. Amazon is busy for a season and now for live Christmas trees. Becky Worley is in San Francisco with all the details. Good morning, my friend. Good morning, Cecilia. Amazon prime for your tree? The everything store is really delivering this holiday season, but will this web disruption make your life easier or take one of the last local traditions out of Christmas? Reporter: Buying a Christmas tree can be a divine family outing. There it is. ?????? Reporter: Like in “National lampoon’s Christmas vacation,” but then there is getting the knots undone, hauling it off the car — and wrangling it into the house. Heavier than I thought. Sensing an opportunity, Amazon, today starting sales of its first full-size live Christmas tree delivery to your door. It’s a real tree. Reporter: Getting a first look at the process. Everything is easier to order on Amazon, so I think it makes a lot of sense for people already doing a lot of shopping on Amazon. Reporter: Here in San Francisco, the tree is delivered by a courier in a box and wrapped in twine. Amazon says customers can order everything from a small Charlie brown Christmas tree to a tree between 6 and 7 feet tall. They will range in price from $20 to $110 depending on which type you choose. This one cost $110. Oh. Oh, it looks good. It looks really good. I thought it was fake at first because it came out so fresh. Reporter: Amazon says they get the trees from local growers in North Carolina and Michigan. They have really strong needles. Reporter: But the owner of Santa’s tree farm in California points out all their trees cost just $65, and she says there is another thing Amazon can’t deliver. Parents say these are the memories that their kids are going to remember, walking through the field, cutting down the tree together, putting it on the car. Timber. Reporter: So your choice this holiday season may come down to the traditional joy of the experience — versus one-click shopping with the ease of home delivery. Even if you don’t visit a tree farm, picking out your tree at a local lot can be a sweet experience. Sometimes Santa is there. They have hot chocolate, candy canes and it’s the first event of the Christmas season, and Cecilia, after doing that story, I am now the person who has a Christmas tree at home before it’s even Thanksgiving. What do you do with the box, Becky? It’s a big box. Thank you.

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