Alan García applies for asylum in Uruguay until “persecution ceases”

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Alan García applies for asylum in Uruguay until “persecution ceases”

Monday, November 19th 2018 – 08:45 UTC

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Alan García feels there's a climate of legal defenseles en Peru. Alan García feels there’s a climate of legal defenseles en Peru.

Former Peruvian President Alan García sent a letter to the President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, applying for diplomatic asylum, in which he claims that in Peru there is an atmosphere of “political persecution” and that President [Martín] Vizcarra is trying to corner the other branches of government and to have Prosecutor General Pedro Chávarry removed from office.

According to García’s letter, the goal is to hand the Office of Prosecutor General over to officials “docile to the government.”

García also considers there is a climate of legal defenselessness that leads him to seek asylum in Uruguay. “In my country, the war to take over the institutions and the Office of the Prosecutor General has created a climate of legal defenselessness, where neither the truth nor the absence of evidence are worth the effort to use investigative procedures” before officials with extremely abusive attributions.

He insisted that since stepping down in 2011 he has responded to different investigations and summonses, but that in all of these procedures no evidence was found of any involvement in any crime.

“For this reason, as a two-time elected President and defender of democratic freedoms, I am writing to you to request the protection of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay until the climate of political persecution in my country ceases,” he said.

Both García and Vázquez were elected twice to the presidencies of their respective countries.

Meanwhile Peruvian Congressman Cevallos has asked Vázquez to turn down García’s request, citing Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article III of the Convention on Diplomatic Asylum, whereby asylum can not be invoked against actions originating in common crimes,” he document says.

Cevallos argued García intends to evade charges of influence peddling, aggravated collusion and money laundering in relation to alleged acts of corruption in the concession of the Electricity Mass Transportation System in Lima and Callao, which his government awarded to the Odebrecht corporation, which has admitted to having paid bribes worth millions to various givernment offucials throughout South America.

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