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important midterm elections is in recent history — is happening as we speak. More than 36 million people have already cast early ballots and here to break down how much is at stake, please welcome one of the really great people here at ABC, he is the ABC news chief white house correspondent, but we just know him as Jonathan Karl. What’s up? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So what do you make of all of this? The guy in the white house has been making some controversial comments saying he is going to end, you know, birthright citizenship, ordering troops to meet the migrants of the caravan at the border, claiming voter fraud. What is going on here? Is this, like, a hail Mary? Is he trying anything? You’re saying the economy is about as good as any president could ever ask for, and this would be like a morning in America message. Things are good, keep going the same direction. Instead, it is midnight in America. He is trying to scare his base into voting. He is appealing to the core of his base with a negative message because he believes that fear is a great motivator. It worked for him two years ago, and he thinks it will work here. There is fear on the other side. There is fear, and you know what? This is — this is the first time that America will have the chance to go to the polls to render judgment on Donald Trump’s presidency. This is the first time, so I think that is why you are seeing such massive turnout, and we are shattering all records. All kinds of records. For a midterm election. Yeah. We are shattering those records and you have fear. Those who don’t like him, who hate what he stands for and what he has done and fear from his base that he is doing the best. And that the caravan is going to come into the country even though they are 700 miles away, and they are mostly children and people who are fleeing horrible situations in Honduras, right? I interviewed him a few days ago, and he said this is an invasion. They are invading our country and, you know, they are 700 miles away. Some of the poorest people in the world, but that is the message that he is taking. Now that message may work with some of these deep red states where we have big senate races, but here’s the problem for Republicans is the house races are being fought in suburbs and where independent voters are the key voters, where moderates are the key, and that is not a message that you would think would work with those people. One key race people are talking about is the race in Georgia, the governor’s race, and we had Stacey Abrams on the show. Yeah. She is very popular, and she has accused her opponent, Brian Kemp, who is I guess, the secretary of state who is overseeing the very election that he is in, of voter suppression. What is going on there? Do you have predictions about that race? I think it goes to a runoff because neither one of them has 50%, and it’s a runoff, and I think it’s that close. There are some real concerns. First of all, he is secretary of state. They have gone through, and he has taken 50,000 registered voters and because there has been some slight — if it’s not an exact match, and the form isn’t done right, challenged their registration which means those people with still vote, but they must vote with a provisional ballot and that is something that can definitely have an impact today. The other thing is this allegation that he made of cybercrimes that the democratic party of Georgia has committed cybercrimes and hacked into the website. It’s an extraordinary allegation to make on the eve of an election and he has done it without any offering any evidence whatsoever. Whatsoever. Okay. Let’s talk about Texas. Meghan and I have an argument that I say Beto could win and she says it’s impossible. She will take my to dinner if I win. Fy if I win I get nothing apparently. We have to even this out a little bit. I’ll buy you a margarita. A margarita or a dinner? Give me a break. This is Democrat dirty games. We both get a nice dinner, okay? Deal. Beto has raised $38 million. In three months. This is amazing. No one has ever done that. Presidential level numbers. Yeah, and also there is a lot of early voting in Texas which to me, that indicates that a lot of people are out there voting for Beto instead of Cruz because they know Cruz, you know, is old school already. We’re sick of him already, but we have got this new guy. What do you think of that? Politico has an article that they just did, and put up the other day. How Beto blew it, and it would be interesting to see him win so you could go back to that article. It would be because he went to left instead of moderating like he should have done in Texas. He didn’t do a lot of the traditional. He ran a very, you know, campaign of hope and change, very obama-esque without some of the real Obama research and — Obama had a very disciplined campaign. John Kennedy, more than anybody else. He ran a completely nationalized campaign with outside money. He went — this article, he went completely way too far. Fine. He has charisma. I want in on the bet. Can we all get a piece of this? Either way if I win or lose I end up paying. That’s how I feel all the time. There is no favorite. It would be a colossal episode, and if Cruz wins, he is the front runner. He is popular, and has been for some time. It’s closer than people expected. I want to ask about Florida because Florida was the one trump won in 2016 when everybody woke up and said, this might end differently, and the governor race is fascinating. Ron Desantis has tied himself with Donald Trump, and Gillum who is running to the left on the policies. A Bernie sanders-esque campaign. Yeah. He might win. He is ahead. One or two points. I would say going into today, Gillum is the front runner in that race. I agree with you. Is that bad? It’s bad for trump because Desantis was chosen by trump because he was not the front runner for the Republican nomination. It was a guy named Putnam that was, you know — Better liked in Florida by the way. Had a long career in Florida. He had won statewide office before, and he got on board with Desantis because he likes him so much. Exactly. It could be a surprise. Now Gillum is the front runner. Why are governor races just as important as the senate and house? You could argue in long-term more important because we are going into another census and round of redistricting. The governors that are elected today will have a huge impact on how the house race and how the house districts are drawn. The Jerry mandering? Yes, and going forward. And Republicans right now dominating across the country and they could lose in a lot of states today that the trump carried, you know. Wisconsin is a tough race. Scott walker. Bye-bye. It’s walker’s fourth time running many, you know, and it will be his third term, but he had the recall election. He has won three, but he has had a tough race. Iowa and Ohio is a tough race.

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