Firefighters battle Canberra bushfire


Firefighters have worked into the night to contain a bushfire outside Canberra in difficult conditions.

The hot, dry and windy weather that fuelled the blaze on Friday was compared to the 2003 fires that killed four people and destroyed almost 500 homes.

A watch-and-act alert was issued for the blaze southwest of Canberra but later downgraded.

The fire had burnt through 147 hectares late on Friday evening but no homes were threatened.

ACT Emergency Services Commissioner Dominic Lane said authorities remained concerned as firefighters dealt with heavy winds and dry terrain.

He confirmed the fire started from a burning car.

“Due to the extremely dry conditions we are facing, we are seeing similar conditions to what we saw in 2003,” Mr Lane told reporters.

“Now is not the time to be lighting fires in this dry environment; you will be doing significant damage to your community and if you are caught you will have to suffer the consequences.”

The ESA doorknocked up to 700 homes from Kambah to Gordon but said it was an “education activity” to inform people of the threat and what materials they may need.

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