Newspoll hit to Guy ahead of Vic poll


Community groups have called for a clean fight between political parties as the starter’s flag is waved on Victoria’s election.

In a joint statement, groups including Environment Victoria, the Australian Conservation Foundation, Asylum Resource Centre and Victorian Trades Hall Council, has asked for an end to “dirty politics”.

“We call on political candidates to give voters the chance to make fair and informed decisions about the future of our state this election,” Tuesday’s statement read.

“Political leaders are judged by their words and their actions.

“We seek political leaders who will represent all Victorians.”

The call came on the same day the Victorian Electoral Commission issued writs, officially putting the state into caretaker mode ahead of the November 24 election.

Both major parties have already held their campaign launch events, and on Monday Labor premier Daniel Andrews made a trip to his home town of Wangaratta on the party campaign bus.

Liberals-National opposition leader Matthew also left Melbourne, taking his own bus to Ballarat.

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