What TikTok’s Explosion Could Mean For Music

Florida News

Since it dropped in April, Lil Nas X ‘s “Old Town Road” has been an inescapable hit. The song’s massive blow-up is at least partially thanks to TikTok : the social media platform that launches viral stars 15 seconds at a time, and what writer Alyssa Bereznak called the ” future of the music industry ” in a recent article for The Ringer. TikTok, which has over hundreds of millions users and is especially popular among teenagers and young adults, is driven by machine learning and, as Bereznak explained to NPR’s Audie Cornish, viral “challenges,” often based around music. Using the mobile app, TikTok users watch and post 15-second videos that incorporate and respond to a piece of a song; for instance, in the “Old Town Road” challenge, video-makers suddenly appear in cowboy gear the moment the beat kicks in. Other up-and-coming artists have also found a foothold in TikTok’s format. In videos set to the first 15 seconds of Supa Dupa Humble’s song ” Steppin ,” users play along with the

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